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Moving into a Senior Apartment

When Is It Time to Consider Moving to a Senior Apartment?

When asked, many seniors say they’d want to stay in their existing home for as long as possible; even though it may become fiscally and physically irresponsible. Unfortunately, there can be a stigma associated with “retirement communities” that prevents many seniors from considering the advantages of these communities. While neither assisted living nor independent living facilities are appropriate for you at this time, a senior apartment community may be the perfect middle-ground for this next stage in your life. There are many reasons to consider moving to a senior apartment community and you may discover that now is the right time for you!

Increased Market Value: As the housing market reaches recent highs, many seniors are looking to cash out on the equity built up in their homes and put that money towards their retirement. Selling your single-family home and relocating to a senior apartment can help you put money away for retirement and set you up for a more secure future with a lower monthly payment.

Overwhelming Maintenance: From HVAC repairs, plumbing and electrical maintenance, mowing the lawn, weeding, needing to remove dangerous trees, and much more, home and yard maintenance can seem as if it has no end. If you are starting to find home and yard maintenance overwhelming and too expensive, it may be time to consider leaving it all behind! Senior apartments provide dedicated maintenance crews to address your apartment maintenance needs and yard maintenance becomes a thing of the past.

Seniors on StairsDifficulty Maneuvering: If you find increased difficulty maneuvering around your home, it may be time to consider moving to a more accessible space. As they age, many seniors face increasing difficulty with stairs, which can lead to falls and is the leading cause of senior injuries. The CDC cites that one out of four older adults will fall each year in the United States, making it a leading public health concern.

Unfortunately, unless a home is designed for accessibility, most homes have multiple steps. From porch steps to accessing upstairs and basements to step-downs into rooms, stairs are everywhere in our homes! Senior apartments are designed for single-level living and improved accessibility, making them easier to navigate for years to come as one’s mobility decreases.

Improved Community: Finding friends and staying connected to our community becomes more difficult as we get older. Senior apartment communities provide the benefit of being surrounded by your peers and community events help foster new friendships with your neighbors! Your senior apartment community may also be in a more central location, providing you with easier access to community features, medical appointments, local events, grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, and other amenities.

Three ladies at senior communityReduced Costs: Depending on your homeownership or mortgage status, renting may be a more affordable option, going into your retirement. Apartments typically feature lower utility bills and reduced home maintenance costs, compared to a single-family home. These savings can then be put into your retirement account, used for travel, cover medical expenses, (or be used to spoil the grandkids!), and overall give you more freedom and flexibility with your budget.

The choice of when and where to consider a retirement community or moving to senior apartments is very personal and individual. But reducing the stigma and knowing all the benefits can help seniors make the choice that is right for them!

At Gateway Senior Living Community, we are proud to offer affordable senior apartments in Fishersville, Virginia. If you decide that senior apartments are right for you, give us a call today!